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FACT: You are probably flying uninsured putting yourself and family at great financial risk

FACT: Most often, FBO insurance covers the FBO, not the pilot. Some FBO’s or rental facilities carry a SMALL amount of renter’s coverage..but it won’t get you far

FACT: Most pilots who rent or borrow an aircraft don’t realize they are uninsured and don’t understand the risks

FACT: Non-ownership liability will help defend you in the event of an accident

FACT: Our policy, underwritten though Chartis Aerospace Insurance Company, will give you a 5% discount for being an AOPA member 

Here are some Q&A we have found that most people ask:

Q: Why should I have non-ownership liability? The FBO has insurance.

A: Most coverage for renters that an FBO provides is extremely minimal at best…some don’t even carry it. The insurance company is responsible to the owner of the policy…the FBO or rental facility.

Q: Will it cover defense costs if I am sued?

A: YES. If you are sued because of a covered accident or claim, the insurance company will defend you. This could run into thousands of dollars in legal costs AND this does not take away from your liability. As a pure catastrophic example: if you have a policy for $500,000 and the court awards that amount and the legal defense was say $100,000, the legal defense is not taken away from the liability amount.

Q: How much coverage should I buy?

A: Because only you know your own financial situation, we ALWAYS recommend that you buy as much as is available and as much as you can afford.

Q: Is Non-ownership coverage expensive?

A: Not at all. We have negotiated rates for you and can get you an extra 5% off with a current AOPA card. For $1,000,000 coverage, you can get it for as little as $209/year

Q: Can I be covered when I fly on business?

A: YES. Our policy provides an option to cover your employer for a minimal additional add on.

Q: How can I get Non-ownership coverage?

A: Call Advantage Aviation Insurance at 1-866-833-5224. We will ask you a few questions and can bind coverage immediately.

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